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Ballancing Coins Trick 0

Ballancing Coins Trick

Do you have a good sense of balance? Some people have a knack for balancing things. I’ve seen famous TV stars walk tight rop across chasms. However, in this video Johnie Gentle tries to...

Optical Illusion Magic Ring 0

Optical Illusion Magic Ring

Don’t believe everything you see. Is this ring getting thinner when he turns it or is it getting wider. A simple trick of the eye in this crafty piece of jewellery.

Card Through Cloth 0

Card Through Cloth Trick

This is a spectacular trick that will amaze many people. Magicians always try to do the imposable and the improbable. Such as making an object pass through another solid object. Such as walking through...

Bikini Girl Optical Illusion 0

Bikini Girl Optical Illusion

The eye is a wonderful thing. It can see things that are not really there. For example, it can make a black and white image become colour. Just try the picture in the video...