What we do

Want to know the secrets of magic? That is what MagicalSecret.com is here to show you. We tell you how to do magic tricks just like you see on TV or in the theatre. It’s easy to learn. Just watch the videos, look at the photos, and read the detailed descriptions. Soon you’ll be able to do these tricks yourself. You’ll amaze your friends with your new magic tricks. This may even lead on to a professional career doing magic tricks on stage or TV yourself.

Background and History

MagicalSecret.com uses a the knowledge and skill of Johnie Gentle, a stage magicial from Scotland. Johnie will show the tricks and then tell you how to do them yourself. All the tricks are things you can do at home without you needing to buy many things. Just some playing cards, silks, magicians rope and a little time to practice are all you need to do these magic tricks.

Over 40 years ago Johnie Gentle gradually became involved in the entertainment business as a magician, musician, public speaker, comedy and magical entertainer, and cabaret magician. He enjoyed many years as a professional magical performer.

Now retired. Having enjoyed years of professional entertaining and earned a pleasant and lucrative living for a time, performing at the height of the cabaret club and variety theatre scene


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